Match Director

2008  – 2015 / Utah Shootouts, Salt Lake City, UT

§ Organized and operated sixty-five long distance practical precision shooting competitions including six annual “Utah State Sniper Shoots” in which over fifty shooters from up to eight states were represented. It took organizing up to twenty four people to staff these events.



2009 – Current /  University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

§ Pistol Marksmanship Class, 14 half semesters   (PRTL 1160)

§ Rifle Marksmanship Class, 16 and counting, half semesters    (PRTL 1161)

U of U students take each of these classes for 1 1/2 College Credits


2009 – Current / Utah Shootouts, Salt Lake City, UT

§ Private rifle and pistol firearms classes, from beginners to expert levels

§ Private Utah Concealed Firearm Permit classes



Relevant Volunteer Experience

Developer & Builder

2008 – 2015 / North Springs Shooting Range, Price, UT

§ Programmed computerized target system

§ Created Courses of Fire scenarios and run Officers through for S.W.A.T. Team and S.W.A.T. Sniper training

§ Built and maintained practical precision shooting venues used in competitions, including 28 specialized positions, of many types.  Precision shooting over, under, around and through custom built barricades.  Used also for shooting while moving, aka “run and gun.

§ Provided management and safety oversight for various shooting range competitions and training

§ Designed, built, installed and maintained 150 reactive steel targets with stands


2014 – Current / Utah Shooting Sports Council, Salt Lake City, UT

§ Range Safety Officer at six “Safe to Learn – Safe to Teach” classes (educational and concealed permit class for employees of schools)

§ Provide education at the USSC education table for most gun shows in the Greater Salt Lake Area


Volunteer – competitions, training, teaching 

§ Taught firearms classes at Cabela’s NRA Week at both their Lehi and Farmington, Utah Stores

Utah Gun Exchange 

§ Utah Shooting Sports Council

§ Rocky Mountain Precision Rifle Series and the Quiet Riot of the National Precision Rifle Series

§ .22RF Marksmanship Challenge

§ Utah County Metro S.W.A.T.

§ Salt Lake County Corporate Games

§ Youth Hunter Education Challenge

§ Mule Deer Foundation

§ Utah Defensive Pistol League

§ Utah Precision Marksmanship Society

§ University of Utah

§ Utah Shootouts



§ 2009 – National Rifle Association 

§ Rifle Instructor

§ Pistol Instructor

§ Range Safety Officer

§ 2004 – International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Safety Officer

§ 2012 – Utah Precision Marksmanship Society (UPMS) Safety Officer

§ 2009 – Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP, CCW) Instructor


Live firearms classes taken

§  5 NRA Instructor training classes

§  4 from Law Enforcement trainers

§  3 from Olympic competitor and Marine Sniper School Rifle Instructor

  • More than 25 days on the shooting range with an Army Sniper


 Competitor in major shooting competitions    since 2001