University of Utah Firearms Instructor, 2009-2019

     -Pistol Marksmanship Instructor, PRTL 1160,   3 1/2 years

     -Rifle Marksmanship Lead Instructor, PRTL 1161,  5 years


Private Firearms Classes 2009-Current

     -Utah Concealed Firearm Permit classes

     -Beginner to advanced Rifle and Pistol classes geared to each student. For individuals, couples, youth, women only classes or any small groups

     -Long distance rifle

     -Carbine (short distance-semi auto rifle)


Match Director of Utah Shootouts - Long distance practical precision shooting competitions 2008 – 2015

     -Designed, oversaw set up and safely managed 65 long distance practical precision shooting competitions. Carbine and pistol stages included.

     -Led Six Utah State Sniper Shoots

     -Up to 56 shooters from up to eight states competing at a time

     -Utah Shootouts challenged some of the best competitors in the Western States while still accommodating less experienced shooters

     -Visit YouTube “desertratdad” to see the action


Utah County Metro S.W.A.T., Volunteer

     -Designed courses of fire and run Officers through for their training.  Mostly on the computerized target system.


Utah Shooting Sports Council

     -Provided education and outreach at the USSC tables at various gun shows since 2009

     -Range officer or finger print taker 6 times at the USSC, Safe to Learn, Safe to Teach, free Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Classes for Teachers and other school employees.


Utah Gun Exchange

     -Helped with finger printing at all their free Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Classes for all School Employees and Students.



     -Taught firearms classes for their NRA Week at both Lehi and Farmington Stores


North Springs Shooting Range

     -In 11 years, with over 10,000 documented hours and using the money taken in from match fees (documented over $30,000) I developed and built two new shooting venues, “Over the Edge” and “Along the Ridge”.  These two venues still utilize most of the 150 targets with stands I developed and built for the North Springs Shooting Range. I also did troubleshooting and software upkeep for the NSSR computerized target system. Also helped with other shooting competitions there.


Other organizations Volunteered for as a Range Officer, Safety Officer, Spotter, Score Keeper, or Instructor

     -Rocky Mountain Precision Rifle Series

     -Quiet Riot of the National Precision Rifle Series

     -.22 rim fire Marksmanship Challenge

     -Mule Deer Foundation

     -Utah Defensive Pistol League

     -Utah Precision Marksmanship Society

     -Cedar Valley 3 Gun

     -Utah Republican Party (I would have done it for the Democrats too).

     -Salt Lake County Corporate Games

     -U of U College Republicans

     -Primary Childrens Hospital sponsored a child safety program of giving away lock boxes, the size to hold a hand gun. We instructed people on how to use them.



International Defensive Pistol Association, 2004

     -Safety Officer.


National Rifle Association, 2009

     -Rifle Instructor.

     -Pistol Instructor.

     -Range Safety Officer.

     -Pistol Coach - Level 1 (2019).


2009 Utah Concealed Firearm Permit



2012 Utah Precision Marksmanship Society

     -Range Safety Officer.


Live Firearms Classes Taken

     -5 NRA Instructor Classes

     -4 Classes from Law Enforcement Instructors

     -4 Classes from US Olympic Shooting Team Member and Marine Corps Sniper School Rifle Instructor

     -25 days range shooting instruction by US Army Sniper


Competitor in major regional shooting competitions starting in 2001