Now teaching how to shoot with both eyes open

Training Description:


I teach firearms classes to individuals, couples, women only classes, youth or any small group. I have taught many teen and pre-teen students.  Under 18 years need an adult with them. The adult does not have to pay with a paying under age person and will learn a lot about how to train and coach.  



Utah Concealed Firearm Permits, beginning and intermediate rifle, pistol, long distance, NRA Basic Pistol & Rifle,

Learn SAFE & RESPONSIBLE shooting skills.  Each student progresses at their own rate.  This is personalized training, not boot camp training.

These classes are packed with hands on training and practice of safety, marksmanship and self defense skills, concealed classes included..

Fire 50 to 100 rounds per class.  You get one box (50 rounds) of .22rf ammo to use in class with your gun or mine.



All classes are taught on the on the most appropriate shooting range for the type of class. This includes “On the Range” Concealed Firearm Permit Classes.  I have taught firearms classes out to 300 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah.



Classes are by appointment only any day of the week.  Approximately 4 hour classes.  When I have many students we extend the class at no charge so students get the same amount of individual coaching smaller classes get.  



I always start out with basic beginner safety and marksmanship skills. Depending on experience and learning attitude it has taken from a few minutes to a few hours for students to progress to more advanced skills.



All classes are $75 per shooter per half day (4 hours) with a $150 minimum, plus the range fee at the most appropriate shooting range.  Range fees have been between 0 and $15. A lot of long range classes the students pay and get a second half day.


Topics of Beginning Training are:

1.     Attitude: Always BE SAFE & BE RESPONSIBLE, Always

2.     Always Safe Handling

A.    Keep pointed in Safe Direction

B.     Keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

C.     Keep action open and unloaded until ready to shoot

D.    Know your target and what is beyond

E.     Unload and open bolt before you set the gun down

F.     Open bolt and make sure it’s unloaded whenever you pick up a gun

G.    SLOWLY holster a loaded gun

H.    Everyone is a Safety Officer YELL STOP if you see something unsafe

3.     Storage – store where guns are inaccessible to unauthorized persons

4.     Laws

5.     Stance

6.     Positions

7.     Grip

8.     Hold

9.     Sight Alignment

10.     Sight Picture

11.     Shoot with both eyes open

12.     Breathing

13.     Balance

14.     Natural Point of Aim

15.    Trigger Control

16.    Recoil Management

17.    Follow Through

18.    Dry Fire

19.    Calling your Shot

Topics of Advanced Training:  

1.     BE SAFE, BE Responsible

2.     Competition

3.     Long Distance

4.     Speed

5.     Movement

6.     Barricades

7.     Target I.D.

8.     Self Defense

9.     Mind Set

10.    Problem Solving


Contact Clint for more information or appointments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 801 599 1574